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Life moves on, people move on. You can't let yourself sit still and get passed on by. You need to get up and move on too. Even if someone is moving on it doesn't mean they still won't be a part of your life so you're not exactly getting left behind.

Wow….you are completely right…thank you for that!

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things'll get better you just have to open up and just start talking to people soon you'll have a ton of friends and fun things to do and other things'll fade into the distance..

I hope so! I’m hoping once the winter comes and i can snowboard I’ll be able to meet people

well I guess its finally time to move on. start a new life find new people and see what kind of trouble I can get into up her in Las Vegas. sadly no partying for me yet….but i hope soon i will find something to do…being alone in my room dreaming about things that wont come true isnt fun….

well fuck me. i had everything…. and ive messed it up… i had the girl i dreamed about for years and i messed that up…now shes growing up and moving to college and possibly even moved on….idk being back to just friends with someone is hard. i feel like i have completly alienated myself to where i have noone to talk to. and it sucks…. and i fall way too fast….i thought i found someone new but i never really learned anything about her….turns out shes really good at covering her history….and i had the girl i wanted and i let her go….i shattered her just like everyone else has….and she didnt deserve that…i was scared and didnt know what to do…she was perfect and did anything you could ever want….and now ive lost her…she will be alright though…i hope…i hope she just knows im still here….and i do miss her…maybe someday i will find someone like her….but that may be a long time…i just wish i didnt have to mess everything up….nothing ever goes as planned in my life… and it wreaks havoc on my inner self…somedays its like im not even here….i just go about life doing the same monotonous tasks hoping that it will get better…….i know no one really cares on here…but idk its the only place i can really rant…idk…sorry for the big long message….night everyone

I thought i finally found someone. ….someone who meant the world to me….now my world’s completely upside down and she just sent it into a spiral…what am I supposed to think…you said I knew you…and now there more than you just wouldn’t tell me before…. i don’t understand…and now I want to be there but I’m far away…and your pregnant. ….and it’s not even mine. ….but now I feel like i don’t know you….what else haven’t you told me… or lied about…i thought we were friends…and friends tell each other things….idk if we will ever be the same.